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Here are some key points for consideration: Market Analysis, Unique Value Proposition, Location, Legal Requirements, Customer Experience, Sustainability, Staff Training, Marketing Strategy, Networking:, Continuous Improvement.


Strategic process that involves revitalizing & reshaping the image, identity, & offerings of a hospitality business. It is often undertaken to adapt to changing market dynamics, rejuvenate a stale brand image, or reach new target audiences.


Process of rebounding from challenging situations, such as economic downturns, natural disasters. This process involves implementing resilient strategies to regain financial stability, rebuild consumer trust, and restore overall industry growth.


This strategic initiative aims to enhance guest experiences, modernize facilities. Renovation projects may encompass integrating new technologies, practices to align with the changing demands and preferences of modern travelers.

Approaches to New Hotels

Phase 1

Technical Assistance

Phase 2

Pre-opening Assistance

Phase 3

Running Operational Assistance